Referring to the Old Quarter of Hanoi people think of ancient folds with moss tile roof, yellow tinted walls of the old time; however, few know that the ancient city of Hanoi is very attractive for both visitors and residents by unique and charming foods


To Tich Street about 100 meters long, is slightly hidden on Hang Gai. from beginning to end street close to town with dozens of shops dealing in mixed fresh fruit are close together. From first stop in the street, pedestrians captivated immediately by color and scent attractiveness of the fruit. Now especially on weekend, To Tich Street is also somewhat crowded, bustling. After walk, watch and buy goods customers usually walk to savor this delicious mixed fresh fruit.

Mixed fruits at each shop has slightly difference in processing, but often there are fruits follows: strawberries, avocado, mango, jackfruit, dragon fruit, papaya, watermelon,plum … All fruit bought are washed, sliced into small pieces then mixed with condensed milk, coconut milk ,a little water syrup color, pieces of soft jelly, and we already have a glass of  fresh, aromatic and tasty mixed fruits  . Mixed fruit cup fresh flavor of fruits, attractive color water from the syrup, milk and sweetness taste of the cool ice that make visitors remember very much.

The most prominent of which is Hoa beo store- 17 To Tich street with many fresh fruits, plump than the price .And two these outstanding advantages make the store attracts thousands of visitors every day. This uniqueness may lie in a “mix” of fruit: jackfruit, mango, guava, watermelon, apple, banana, strawberry … together and come from the homemade coconut cream that make shop more special.

In addition to mixed fresh fruits, the shop are all kinds of nutritious juices, cool as grapefruit, pomegranate, guava, pineapple … depending on the season. Due to the needs of customers want to eat more fruits, the shop now sell add some more items such as Mixture yogurt with jackfruit, Mixed yogurt with strawberries, Mixture ice cream with fruits, Mixed caramen with fruits, coconut jelly fruit in order to meet guest’s need.


About price: Mixed Fruit VND20,000 / cup, mixture yogurt with jack fruit or Mixed yogurt with strawberries VND 22,000/cup. Mixture ice cream with fruits VND 25.000/cup, Coconut jelly VND25,000 / cup. Grinded avocado VND40,000 / cup. Grinded Strawberries  VND35,000 / cup.. …It is from $1to $2.