Learning Thailand and Vietnamese tour.
That was a amazing tour for us. The tourists tried to teach Thailand for us;whereas, we also tried to teach Vietnamese for them. We could not stop laughing during the tour.

Tourists: ” My parents were born in Vietnam, but they moved to Thailand long time ago. I had not been given birth at that time yet. That’s why I cant speak a little of Vietnamese ”
E.buddies: “You wanna try it now? ”
Tourists: Definitely. Let’s teach us how to call a man selling souvenirs on the street.
E.Buddies: Let’s say ” Người bán hàng”
Tourists: ” ngường bứn hừng…”..”Ngừi bấn hầng”… “người bắn hừng”..
* big laugh altogether*
Oh no. We know we cant speak it well. Anyway I have plan to study Vietnamese one day. :))