If you like markets and haven’t been to any others in Vietnam however, definitely check out Dong Xuan market – the biggest and most central market in Hanoi. For anyone who is unfamiliar with Asian markets, it can be a unique experience. – But for souvenir shopping, there are better places elsewhere.
Hanoi Old Quarter Walking Tour

Dong Xuan is not a tourist market. If you’re looking for gifts to bring home, then you’re better off hunting around Hang Gai and Hang Hom. Dong Xuan market is always chaotic, hot, sweaty, loud and full of people.

And then what has it got running for it? Firstly, it’s immense and truly does sell pretty much everything under the sun – anything you need you’ll find it in that location. The hallway at the back is more of a food hall, stocking huge sacks of dried produce such as mushrooms; hence it’s worth a walk through for interest, though the selling is really done in bulk.
Hanoi Old Quarter Walking Tour

The main lobby at the front is where you’ll get some souvenir items and other potentially useful bits such as bags, towels, toiletries and underwear. Besides, upstairs is mainly cloth and clothes.

Dong Xuan Market is on the Dong Xuan Street. To get there, head up Hang Ngang Street from the junction of Hang Bo / Hang Bac and keep going straight. The road changes into the Dong Xuan Street and you can’t miss the market.