Initially I could not realize that this is two tourists I will go along
Bri is so beautiful tongue emoticon
I recommended them to a museum of ethonology. Not only save money but also bring more experience , and we went by bus.What a surprise to me was that Bri had had monthly card already
It took 4 hours for us to be able to see all the different thing in museum,” everything was really excited and wanted to Vietnam again to see everything ” They said… Hopefully they will come back and travel with me
4pm.We’re in Old Quarter. Sam and Bri still wanted to visit prison visit after 4h
But we still didn’t have lunch,lol .Perhaps they were all tired.Everybody was extremely interested in culture as well as the lives of American prisoners in Vietnam ..
We have lunch at 6 pm … oh yummy Bread’s 25 … Each person eats 2 , I’m very surprised that the tiny shop but can reach the top on tripadvisor..It’s so pity but we had to say goodbye when the night begin