The guests of my very first tour are 4 pretty mexican girls.
At first, I felt a little bit nervous, but after admiting with them that this was my first tour, they smiled and said “come on boy”! and I immediately gained my confidence.
Our first place to vist was Temple of Literature and the second one was Hoa Lo prison, where they could get to know a lot more about the Vietnamese war.
One of the four guests is Melina, whose major is International Relation. Wanting to have a different and objective view about the vietnamese war, she asked me where to buy books by Vnese writers since she had just learned about Vn through American materials. Thus I suggested she go to Dinh Le, where offers a variety of books of many choices.
Afterwards, we also had an interesting discussion about political and economics issues. It was quite interesting that before arriving VN, they simply thought that our country was a social republic country just like China, but after hours talking with me, she said.
“Today we have learned some more astonishing new facts that blow our mind”
After walking around old quarter and talking about history, architecture, both Vnese and Mexican food ( they suggested me try tacos) I gave them recommendations about some stunning Vnese dishes they should try and direction to explore the night market.
It was wonderful when they praised me for my first performance, saying “we know you tried your best.
Keep working. Bro”.
What they said really makes me feel happy and encourages me a lot to keep on doing my work.

P/S.I also want to say thanks to my supervisor for her enthusiastic help, it was so kind of her to share her precious experience with me and provided me with so many interesting advices. Thanks a lot