How I ride motorbike with a foreiner, #Hanoiebuddies#freestudentguides #tourreport

It’s not the first time I went food tour with a foreigner and also not the first time I rode my Wave Honda with a foreigner but it’s really the very first time I rode my Honda with a person who is as heavy and interesting as you, Villerhermosa grin emoticon
When I first saw you in Bluebell Hotel, flankly, I was alittle confused because maybe you jumped out of all my imagination with your appearance :)). Initially, I thought u’re just only a Vietnamese girl waiting for your boy friend until u asked me: “u’re from Hanoi e.buddies” so at that time, there was no doubt more that you would be my guest tonight. In the moment I decided to take tour with my motorbike, never in my mind had I imagined that I would ride an oversized – weight girl, so it came as a surprise and a big confuse to me when I saw u. Even when you heard that I’d take you around the old quarter by my motorbike, U also expressed your very shock atittude =)) I remembered so quite clearly your confusing face at that time tongue emoticon U said to me and the hotel boss: how could you ride me, because I was so heavy and U begged me to walk, right? =)) However, ’cause u knew that i was really a risky and strong girl so I thought I could give u a safe tour although it maybe was little over my ability. But I could do it and the truth was I did it haha grin emoticon.

And although u showed a very worried face about the narrow roads and the crowded transportation in Hanoi and maybe my riding ability also, my confidence which said that plz believed in me and the persuasion from the hotel boss that U’d have an interesting experience begged u to get on my Honda, right??? =))
To tell the truth, your smile and your friendliness gave me a lot of confidence, Villerhermosa. At the time U got on my motorcycle, I got some worry indeed that my transportation means would reverse tongue emoticon Even I only dared to go at about 10 km/h and did not dare to pull all my legs on, they were always ready to set on the road to keep ballance. And it seemed that u never got out of scare on sitting behind me =)) the way u also rode my shoulder to the left or the right showed your worry, right??? which made me to drove much safer than I usually did.
One of my friend who also sat behind me said that with my riding ability she certainly wouldn’t get died but it’s just that in what situation she came back home colonthree emoticonAnd maybe it’s also probably true for u today.
Anyway from the bottom of my heart, I thought I had my most amazing experience and most fastinating tour up till now with u today. We talked so much about everything, and it tended to be so little time for us to chat, right? I wish U could stay in Vietnam longer so we can date more. I really like you, my new friend kiss emoticon
Look forward u to coming back to Vietnam soon :))