Most inspired tour ever #Hanoiebuddies#freestudentguides #Tourreport
I was so lucky to meet the perfect and funny girl Pamella , from Brazil .I did some tours before but this tour is really special. I had a lot of fun showing her around, we visited the historical sites of Hanoi.She really want to know new things and she seem so interested in knowing about Vietnam’s cultures and food, that’s what make me feel very happy.


The special thing about this tour is the story of her life, it inspired me. I want to share with you guys about it. I listened to Ted talk many times, when she talked to me, I felt like I was listening to a Ted talk from a real person,a super real person.She showed me how she achieve her dreams.She is a girl who is from Brazil who dreamed to travel around the world.She worked in Brazil,sold her car,saved money to live in England, alone. And now, she had a good job in London and traveled even more than 30 countries,all by herself.She is now also helping students to achieve their dream.She really has a good heart.She told me something like “first with your head and then with your heart,you can do anything that you want”. She changed my whole approach of thinking,really.
I feel very lucky to be a member of Hanoi ebuddies.Since I was a member,I had a chance to meet new friends from different countries,I learned a lot from them beside English kiki emoticon I love Hanoi ebuddies ^^