I have to call our tour “surprising tour” because HoaiHuong and I received the tour just one hour before taking it. We had an exciting tour with lots of different feelings.
We came to my tourists’ hotel to pick up them. Unluckily, when we checked in the tourists, hotel receptionist told me that they had gone out 2 hours ago. We thought that “OMG, the tour seems to be canceled. What a bad day!!! So sad..( “. However, we still waited until two pretty girls came toward us. We knew they are our Australian tourists. Wow!!!Both of us are surprised, for they were really young and beautiful. I felt the sun rises one more time in a day!
My tourists had an only day left in Hanoi, and wanted to visit Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, one of the most interesting museums not only in Hanoi but also in Vietnam. It is quite far from the hotel to the museum, so we caught a 4-seat taxi to come. We were familiar quickly by sharing our life with each other. HoaiHuong and I were really got on well with them.


Coming the museum, my tourists were interested in both indoor and outdoor exhibition. We introduced to them 54 other ethnics in Vietnam, the differences between these ethnics about their habitats, languages, traditional clothes, house decoration and so on. We could see how the people work, eat, and live as directly as possible. This was quite new to our foreign friends. Not only could we see indoor exhibition, but we also could visit real traditional houses of the Thai, the Dao, the Tay, the Nung, the Ede long house, the Bahnar communal house… in opened-air exhibition and enjoy fresh air, too. We felt extremely relaxed and comfortable. Moreover, the foreigners had a chance to take part in some traditional games. They looked delighted; we moved the museum at 5.30 P.M because it closed at that time to come back the Old Quarter for dinner.


We said good bye after having a delicious meal at Wrap $ Roll restaurant. This tour is one of the most memorable ones of mine. We took about 30 pictures together. How awesome they were!I sure that I will never forget this amazing tour with wonderful friends.

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