Hanoi eBuddies

Hanoi eBuddies is a voluntary tour organization founded in 2013 in Hanoi, Vietnam. We are a student-run union that provides international tourists with free tours conducted by friendly volunteer local guides. Our primary purpose is to create a favorable and dynamic environment for students to skill up their spoken English and to open up opportunities for them to improve their face-to-face experiences as well as broaden their knowledge of other countries’ cultures. The founding of our organization is also aimed at promoting the image of Hanoi amongst international tourists, helping them to get a better understanding of the city as an interesting destination with many historical traditions and a rich culture.

As our name indicates, we are more like friendly buddies, enthusiastic companions who are always happy to show our foreign friends every nook and cranny of the city. With our youthful energy, sincere attitudes and hospitality, we hope to bring our tourists the most memorable experiences during their time in Hanoi.

Why you should join the Tours with Hanoi e.Buddies?

–          Our slogan is “We are not your tourguide, we are your buddies”, it is also the reason why we take the name Hanoi e.Buddies. We want to be your buddy in this trip, a friend who can share with you the local life and experience in Hanoi City.

–          All buddy from Hanoi e.Buddies are university students in Hanoi and they are always eager to share with you all of their knowledge and spread their love of Hanoi to you.

–          The itinerary is flexible and up to you so that you can have a most comfortable and wonderful time with Hanoi e.Buddies.

–          We appreciate your experience as a local people through the stories you were told, the things we share together, the hidden places we go to and the local food we try. Especially, we appreciate the memory about Hanoi you can keep in your photos, so that your buddy will always help you have the most beautiful and artistic photos to bring home.

Go anywhere worth your smiles.

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