Both the Long Bien Bridge and the Eiffel Tower in Paris have the same architect.

? The project in constructing Long Bien bridge was accepted by the governor of IndoChina on June 6, 1897. After that, The bidding was held and there were six big construction companies from Paris took part in. Each of them had to have two projects that called project A and B in turn. Finally, The assembly opening bidding council chose the project B of Daydé & Pillé company with 5.390.794 franc in price. The bridge was designed with unique design that was designed by Daydé & Pillé company. On September 12, 1898 the commencement ceremony was held and after more than three years (three years and nine months ) the construction completed, even the plan in five years. To conduct construction, they rented more than 3000 Vietnamese workers and a team of 40 French people, including directors, engineers, experts and managers to manage the project. They used 30000 square meters of stone and metal ( 5600 tons of rolled steel, 137 tons of pig-iron, 165 tons of iron and 7 tons of lead ). The total cost is up to 6.200.000 franc, similar to estimate.

? The bridge’s length is 2290 across the Red river and 896m of leading bridge, including 19 spans placed on 20 pillars, higher than 40m, (containing the abutments) and the path of the bridge. In the middle path is used for the railway and the two side paths are used for motor vehicle ( about 2.6 m) and walking ( about 0.4 m). The traffic direction on the Long Bien bridge is on the left bridge side, instead of on the right one like the the bridge.

? The information about Gustave Eiffel ?

? On some mass media in Vietnam, it mentioned that Gustave Eiffel architect is the designer of Long Bien Bridge. However, this was incorrect. The sign of Daydé & Pillé contractor, including the year of commencement and inauguration, is attached on the Long Bien bridge. In fact, Gustave Eiffel resigned and withdrew from his company (Compagnie des Etablissements) on February 14, 1893, before the idea of building the Long Bien Bridge was proposed. After Eiffel resigned, his company Compagnie des Etablissements changed its name to La Société Constructions Levallois-Perret, and CEO was Maurice Koechlin.

? In 1897, when bidding for the construction of the Long Bien Bridge, the Levallois-Perret was one of the sixth contractors, submitting the design drawings, but they did not win the bids. The Daydé & Pillé Company was the contractor who won the bids. In the Long Bien Bridge design drawings of Daydé & Pillé,currently stored at the National Archives Center I, had original signatures of the engineers of Daydé & Pillé and an original signature approving the design of The Governor-General of Indochina- Paul Doumer, and without the Eiffel’ s signature. Therefore, Eiffel was not the architect and his company did not construct the Long Bien Bridge, as well.

? Nowadays, the Long Bien bridge becomes a famous venue where is really attractive tourists, especially for foreign tourist with surrounding landscape and its antiquity.

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