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Daisy – A Winter Gift From Nature

 This flower won’t be paid much attention if it’s not because of the time of arrival: in the early winter days, come quickly and go fast. It blooms only 1 very short time of 2 or 3 weeks and then disappears. Some gardeners tried to plant it earlier but it was still right at that […]

Ha Noi Station – an ancient nostalgia

To be a twin of Long Bien Bridge, but only a few people know that Ha Noi Station is also considered as a proof of Hanoi history. Hang Co Station was constructed by French in 1902 and was renamed Ha Noi Station in 1975. In the beginning, it was the largest station in Indochina. Therefore, […]

Grilled fish La Vong – the only Hanoi specialty

 Speaking of Hanoi specialties and delicacies, we can list out five types of rice noodles, which are vermicelli, pho, vermicelli, rice vermicelli, etc., Each of them loves a different dish. But the only dish that anyone has ever eaten can not refuse, it is La Vong grilled fish.  History of La Vong grilled fish dish […]


?The Statue of Liberty was designed by a French architect and was donated to America by the French government. At that time, they made two statues: a big size for America and a small size for Viet Nam, which was made by gray bronze. The statue version for America, the 46 meters of height, was […]


?Located in the small alley of Hang Tre Street, Hidden Gem makes an impression for visitors by beautiful but unique space. The furniture in the restaurant is nearly 100% created by taking advantage of discarded products, from tires, bottles, old sofa sets, paint buckets or parts of a tractor. ?Mr.Nguyen Van Tho, the owner, reveals […]

“Roman Amphitheatre” in the middle of Hanoi capital

? In Hang Dau street, one of the most impressive places is an ancient water tower in the middle of the roundabout, with the history more than a hundred years. That looks like “ Roman Amphitheatre ” in Italy. ?This water tower was constructed in 1894, before the Long Bien Bridge and located in the roundabout, […]

Hell Market

?On 19th December, 1946 Ho Chi Minh called for national resistance. And thousands of bravery soldiers and Hanoian sacrificed for peace were brought and buried in the common grave here. After 1954, this area was renamed as “Grave of Martyr and People died in National Resistance Day”. In 1981, the city officials excavated and transferred […]

Both the Long Bien Bridge and the Eiffel Tower in Paris have the same architect.

? The project in constructing Long Bien bridge was accepted by the governor of IndoChina on June 6, 1897. After that, The bidding was held and there were six big construction companies from Paris took part in. Each of them had to have two projects that called project A and B in turn. Finally, The assembly […]


?On April 13, 2019, the buddies of Hanoie.buddies successfully organized the volunteer program and had a very interesting experience with international students.. We went to a small village where the children were infected with Agent Orange and veteran children to help them learn and live more in harmony with the community. ?In addition, the program […]