What is the Ceremony of Burning paper money, votive for the dead people?

Surely many people wonder: “What is the Ceremony of Burning paper money, votive for the dead people?” Or understand it as “burning paper money, votive”. In fact, it is NOT LIKE THAT.

The ceremony of the burning votive, also known as the ceremony to see off grandparents, burning votive for Ancestors, also the ceremony to welcome the fortune to the family, hoping for a business year, favorable, happy.
This ceremony usually includes five fruits, incense, flowers, gold coins, candles, betel nut, wine. Trays can be either vegetarian or salty. However, if making a salty dish, it is indispensable for a rooster boiling plate. Today, the concept of spiritual life has been easier, the homeowner does not need to present too many offerings.
According to the new cultural lifestyle, this ceremony should be held gently, do not burn a lot of votive paper, causing waste and environmental pollution.

After making offerings to the gods, bringing them off to the afterlife, it is considered that the end of the New Year, the landlord turns to a new year with many good deeds, working hard and helping the community and society … to accumulate a lot of joy, preparing for a Tet next year full and fuller.

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