Discover the attractive snacks from fruits in Hanoi

Fruit yogurt
In Hanoi, there is no shortage of vendors selling these snacks. To attract guests, the criteria of clean, fresh and level of sour are the most important to attract the guests. So, mainly they choose the cool and sweet fruits, added yogurt, condensed milk and a little fresh milk to help the dish become greasy and more delicious.
Address: You can find the following famous places to enjoy this dish such as To Tich street, snack street at 656 Hoang Hoa Tham, gray-haired old man yogurt in Xa Dan, No. 5 Thai Phien, 36 Le Thanh Nghi, Hai Ba Trung …

Jackfruit sticky rice
The young in Hanoi particularly love sticky rice with jackfruit made by pineapple leaves and “cam” leaves. Simply, sticky rice served with jackfruit, added coconut milk and fresh coconut, this dish becomes so popular.

Fruits dessert with sugar juice
This is probably the least sophisticatedly processed dessert in Vietnam. Fresh fruit chopped, served with cool sugar water, faintly jasmine flavor. One set of this costs 20,000 VND.
Address: No.123 A6, Tran Huy Lieu, Ba Dinh.

Shaked fruits with salt and chili
Perhaps this is a dish that everyone has tried and loved. With a simple recipe but attractive, not everyone can resist.
This legendary dish is often sold at school gates, so don’t worry too much about the selling location ^^.

Young mangoes dot “divine” sauce

This dish is addictive for everyone. No one knows its origin but it becomes a part of Vietnamese young’s lives. A little sour, sweet, spicy make you wish to eat it immediately, right?

The essence of this dish is dipping sauce, however, it is not difficult to have a bowl of dipping sauce. You can do it yourself at home or order on the internet, which is quite convenient.

Grilled sticky rice bananas

Baked sticky rice bananas – a dish once honored as one of the world’s most delicious dishes at the World Street Food Congress. Grilled sticky rice bananas have attracted many people to enjoy. Because this dish has quite an eye-catching form when grilled on yellow charcoal fire, it easily makes curious pedestrians want to try it.

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