Grilled fish La Vong – the only Hanoi specialty

 Speaking of Hanoi specialties and delicacies, we can list out five types of rice noodles, which are vermicelli, pho, vermicelli, rice vermicelli, etc., Each of them loves a different dish. But the only dish that anyone has ever eaten can not refuse, it is La Vong grilled fish.

 History of La Vong grilled fish dish Called Hanoi specialties, because perhaps no place has this dish, but skillful enough to elevate it to become a premium dish and taste. Talk about the history of dish making, very far away. Since the French colonial period, there is a family of the Doan family often carrying the meaning of the De Tham army. The owner of the house is skillful or makes strange dishes, they often produce dishes that at that time, few people tried, such as fish cake. These soldiers found that the food was delicious but no one knew it, so he helped the family to open a small restaurant, specializing in making the fish cake. Gradually, the whole street learned to sell, the street name changed to “Grilled Fish” always. At each restaurant, there was a statue of Mr. La Vong (Khuong Tu Nha) sitting and fishing. Like a habit, after many years, called always “La Vong grilled fish”.

La Vong grilled fish, famous dishes

Grilled fish is to use lentils, fish with little bones, fresh meat in large rivers. The fish are usually quite large, strong and heavy . In addition, people can use scar fish to make it. But rare because the scar fish is expensive. The most common is still anchovy fish.

Not as luxurious as steak with wine, grilled fish is a simple dish going up from the popular class. The ingredients for this delicious dish are also simple things like noodles, like lentils, shrimp paste and herbs. But when combining them together, it is no different from “Together we can change the world”, meaning that the dish of La Vong grilled fish is absolutely enchanting.

Stepping through the rows of grilled fish, I could smell the smell of shrimp sauce and the people laughing and laughing. The grilled fish shop is almost always crowded because it is hard to resist the attraction of the deadly sounds and smells.

Just sit down and call 1 capacity, is about five minutes there are enough items have been furnished. A small gas stove, a tin pan, oil or lard fish and saffron yellow saffron dish, do not forget the basket of coriander, scallion, basil and trim your fingers. Eating grilled fish without this coriander is a pity. There, then vermicelli, then roasted peanut shells, then chili shrimp sauce, … The dish comes out quickly because the fish has been pre-processed already, just divide the portion and bring it to the guests.

Besides grilled fish, the restaurant also serves fish stomach. The stomach looked like chicken intestines, but rounder and thicker, crunchy, crunchy to eat is fun. There are two types of stomachs, big and small, at the restaurant called, probably due to the different types of fish. It is delicious to have a drink together.

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