Ha Noi Station – an ancient nostalgia

To be a twin of Long Bien Bridge, but only a few people know that Ha Noi Station is also considered as a proof of Hanoi history. Hang Co Station was constructed by French in 1902 and was renamed Ha Noi Station in 1975. In the beginning, it was the largest station in Indochina. Therefore, this place had both architecture and heritage values of Viet Nam.

 Ha Noi Station witnessed up-and-down events and patriotism of Vietnamese people. In the French Vietnam War, the workers of station resisted to weapon and bullet delivery of the enemy. During the resistance against American, Ha Noi Station delivered more than ten million tons of goods and weapons to support the South battlefield. In the 1990s, the horn became a unfadable nostalgia of the citizens with the images of separation and reunion family.

Although history has put the feet on the new page, the pictures of ancient Ha Noi Station were intact to Hanoian. Today, Ha Noi Station is very one of the most attractive destinations when tourists take a trip to Vietnamese Capital.

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