Hang Ma Street Where We Can Enjoy Spring And New Year Atmosphere

That Lunar New Year is approaching makes Hang Ma Street bustling, crowded and colorful. This is not only a shopping place for the Hanoi people but also a destination which attracts tourists every Tet holiday.

Being a part of Hanoi Old Quarter, Hang Ma Street has many souvenirs and decor shops for special occasions such as Mid-Autumn Festival or Chinese New Year. When walking into the neighborhood, visitors possibly feel the bustle, crowded during the last days of the lunar year. Parents take their children to go shopping for Tet goods, young people come here to check-in, take souvenir photos, and even foreign friends also visit the items. The whole street is full of red. The red color is created from red envelopes, couplets, flowers and firecrackers, lanterns.

The Lunar New Year 2020 comes very close, Hang Ma Street also sell lots of beautiful products for Tet. If you have not visited Hang Ma Street, you should quickly arrange a time to visit this street, enjoy the items on sale and feel the atmosphere of Tet filled here, wait for a happy and hopeful new year.

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