The Headless Statue of My Chau Princess and the Grown Stone!

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Located in Co Loa citadel (Dong Anh – Hanoi), in the harem of My Chau’s temple, there is an extraordinary stone statue bearing the appearance of a woman sitting on a chair. What special here is that the statue has no head. According to legend, the stone statue was not made by humans, it had been there for 2400 years and the people in Co Loa believed that it was the body of Princess My Chau after being beheaded by her father…
After the Co Loa citadel was defeated, King An Duong Vuong and his daughter fled to Mo Da pass in Dien Chau, Nghe An provinces where there was a sea in front of them, behind them were enemies. King prayed Kim Quy to rescue them. The Golden Turtle appeared and said: “The enemy is behind you, King!” The king returned and saw My Chau tearing the feathers on her shirt that gave the enemy direction. He was furious and cut My Chau’s head by his sword.

My Chau tore the goose feathers because she followed Trong Thuy’s words. Having felt being slandered, she bent her knee to the King and prayed, “If I am unfaithful or have any intentions to betray the country, I’ll totally disappear when I die. If I’m good-hearted, when I die, my body will turn into jade or stone floating to you, father’’.When she died, her blood flowed into the sea. The species of mussels and oysters ate it and then turned into pearls, while the body turned into stone and drifted to Co Loa …
A palanquin was brought to pick up the My Chau statue to the palace but when the palanquin reached the location of My Chau’s temple nowadays, the rope was broken. Everyone replaced many other ropes but they all broke and they could not lift the statue. People believed that she had chosen this place to live, fulfilling her promise after becoming a stone to come back to her father. Since then, people have built a church to worship her.

??Legend of the grown big rock??

According to the stories passed through Co Loa people, the stone statue with the shape of My Chau was much smaller when being brought back than now. However, that stone statue grew bigger and bigger after a while.
Because of the great speed of the statue, it is likely that the small shrine would have to be demolished to build the larger one to accommodate. An official had to pray her for not growing because people were poor and did not have money to build a new building. Magically, the stone statue remains the same since then.
Another legend
Once, when Ma Vien invaded our country, seeing people worshiping the rock so seriously, Ma Vien’s army thought it was a rock containing jade. They let the army split the statue into three parts but it turned out as a regular stone. Later, Co Loa people had to assemble those pieces back to their present state.

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