Hell Market

?On 19th December, 1946 Ho Chi Minh called for national resistance. And thousands of bravery soldiers and Hanoian sacrificed for peace were brought and buried in the common grave here. After 1954, this area was renamed as “Grave of Martyr and People died in National Resistance Day”. In 1981, the city officials excavated and transferred remains to Bat Bat cemetery(Ba Vi, Ha Tay). And the old street restored was named 19/12 Street to commemorate the National Resistance. Many years later, people came here to sell and buy things as in the market, so in 1985, Hanoi decided to established temporary market named 19/12 Market. However, hardly did any merchants and the locals use that one, they, instead, called it Chợ m Phủ – Hell market!

?In 2008, due to an administrative decision despite the Prime Minister’s approval, the market was recovered by the city officials and assigned to Thu do II Co., Ltd. to be a commercial center and office for lease. However, this decision has met the fierce response of the households living around the market area as well as many cultural and historical professionals at that time, so the project has failed.

? At the end of August 2016, the City People’s Committee approved the project of building a fixed book street of Hanoi at 19/12 street. Up to now, this place has become one of the most beautiful streets in Hanoi. Not only serving the people of the capital, but also the guests of the outside provinces, the foreign visitors come here to visit, buy and read books, and take impressive photos.

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