The Huc bridge is one of the most remarkable beauties in Hanoi, the straight connection to Ngoc Son temple. However, only a few people know that it was evidence of patriotism by burning it to oppose the French enemy.

Hanoi capital was defeated in 1882 after that Ngoc Son temple became a living place of a French manager. The French army prohibited Vietnamese to come into Ngoc Son temple. Looking at that, Nguyen Van Minh- a student of Lien Dinh school had an intention to burn The Huc bridge to send a warning to the French enemy for offending Hanoi culture. Taking advantage of the French’s weakness, he and his friend used rags with oil to fire completely. The French manager had to quickly move to other places. The French army at Tran Quoc pagoda, Chau Long pagoda, and Yen Phu village also immediately changed their living places.

The Huc temple was rebuilt in 1888. However, the event in 1882 was very evident for the patriotism of the youth in Hanoi at that time.

Tranh đen trắng cầu thê húc hồ gươm hà nội xưa

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