Mystery behind Bún Thang?

?Bún Thang is a sophisticated dish of well-off families in Hanoi’s Old Quarter. Formerly, the Hanoian women cleverly took advantage of the remaining food from the Lunar New Year. Then they combined and formed Bún thang – a new and economical dish.

?The reason why Vietnamese call it “Bún Thang” is because the word “Thang” refers to many elements that coordinate, such as a remedy of Oriental medicine. There is also a food researcher who believes that the word “thang” in Chinese means soup, so “Bún Thang” means the vermicelli served with soup. It is possible to explain the origin of the name “Bún Thang” in many different ways, but there will be only one word to express the appeal and charm of it: “Excellent!”.

?The main ingredient is vermicelli made into small, soft and white like cotton. Besides, chicken meat is cleverly torn with the golden skin, lean pork paste and omelet is cut and sliced thinly, together, the salted shredded shrimp is made sweet but not fishy. There are also some indispensable ingredients like mushrooms, onions, and chopped cilantro.
Bún Thang ‘s broth must be clear and take the taste of chicken bone. The spices are then added and it is important that Thang’s stockpot is always hot.

?Old Hanoian when eating “ Bún thang” must have a little shrimp sauce and belostomatid essential oil. But belostomatid is increasingly rare, so the essential oils become both expensive and hard to find. And the typical flavor of bun thang in Hanoi gradually disappeared, only exists in the memory of the previous generation with regret. Thus, shrimp sauce has become more and more significant, as an “underground charm” holding the quintessential flavor of Bún Thang Hà Nội.

?Bún Thang Hà Nội is attracted by the resonance of color, flavor, taste, and sound. Enjoy Bún Thang is also a way to receive the sincerity of skillful and meticulous housewives.

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