?The shelter was figured out under Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel in 2011, by a group of workers were renovating the bar. Until May 21th, 2012, this bunker was officially opened only for guests staying in the hotel to visit. Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel was also placed were two leaders of the US and North Korea had their first meeting in Hanoi summit on February 27th, 2019.

?When discovered, this mysterious cell was full of mud and water. It took 6 months for the staffs and workers to remove all mud and water. Therefore, there are still a lot of wet moss traces. The entire area of the tunnel is 40 meters, divided into 6 rooms, containing about 15-20 people. Under the ground, the shelter is capable of withstanding the bombardment of heavy bombs.

?During the time from 1960 to 1972, only guests and hotel staffs hidden in here. Moreover, some celebrities such as American actress Jane Fonda, American singer Joan Baez anti-war activist Tom Hayden, Australian diplomat Bob Devereaux also once sheltered in this bunker. Currently, on the wall of the bunker, there is still the pen of diplomat Bob Devereaux. He wrote his name on the basement wall on August 17, 1975. Recalling that memory, he said: “Maybe I was in a flooded shelter, there was no electricity and nothing to do. While groping the bottle of wine, I had my hand-engraved on that wall. I don’t know when the bunker is closed, because when I left Hanoi in 1976, it was still open”. Also in this Metropole shelter, American singer Joan Baez recorded a part of “Where are you my son” in the winter of 1972. The song was inspired by a mother who is mourning due to losing the only son in the war.

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