“Roman Amphitheatre” in the middle of Hanoi capital

? In Hang Dau street, one of the most impressive places is an ancient water tower in the middle of the roundabout, with the history more than a hundred years. That looks like “ Roman Amphitheatre ” in Italy.

?This water tower was constructed in 1894, before the Long Bien Bridge and located in the roundabout, which connects with six ancient streets like Hang Than street, Hang Luoc street, Hang Giay street, Hang Dau street, Quan Thanh street, and Phan Dinh Phuong street. There is a giant fountain made by steel, with a capacity of 1250 m3, still, remain on the top of eight stone walls with regular distance.

? According to the local people, the water tower is the first construction to mark the changing face of the city of Hanoi. Before that, despite being in the capital of the city, Hanoi people used water from dug wells or dense ponds and lakes. Due to being with Hanoi for over 110 years, the Hang Dau water tower has been appreciated by the local people through many generations like the old streets. After many years of war, there is a special thing that the construction did not have a piece of bomb or bullet.

? The local people around here call it: around water plant, even someone mistaken for blockhouse so-called ” bot Hang Dau “. Moreover, the French colonialists named it “ Dai Dau”, because the tower was located in the first place in the city. At that, water can flow directly into the city, where the colonial army lived. In addition, it also distributes water regularly to the town from the Northwest to the center of the capital. In front of the Hang Dau water tower, the French set up a lot of valves to control the water. In order to limit the flow of water to the Vietnamese area, the valves were adjusted to close, while the area inside the city, the area with many French people, the valves were always open.

?The local people also said that: This water tower had been threatening to demolish a lot of times due to the merchandising purpose. Especially for many years, there were dozens of kiosks around the water tower, and the merchandising had just stopped until 2003. By 2010, the Hang Dau water tower was still in its original state from its shape and structure to its huge pipeline and water tower system. Only the bottom window of this water tower was sealed to prevent defecating, throwing garbage into it. Outer walls, from the ground up to about 2.5 meters, used to be used to make kiosks before, but without being damaged too much.

? Nowadays, the water tower is not only a memorial place with local people but also an attractive one with ancient beauty.

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