Spring rice in Vong Village and things are never told

Although we have no certainty when Spring Rice was created, this specialty has a strong attachment to Hanoi’s beauty and the nostalgia of people who have to live far from their hometown.

There are many stories about the birth of Vong village in Hanoi. However, the common feature is that all of the stories derive from the simplicity of the working class. With the unique color, Spring Rice from Vong Village has made it hard for numerous tourists to forget, so they always find ways to come back to enjoy again.

The special charm of Hanoi Spring Rice in Vong village.
It is not known exactly when Vong Spring Rice was made. The old narrated that in the autumn a long time ago, when the rice fields began to develop seeds, it suddenly rained heavily, causing the tallest young rice to be sunk in the water. Accordingly, Vong villagers cut the unripe rice and then roasted them to eat. Unexpectedly, this reluctant dish has become a favorite one. After that, Spring Rice of Vong village was not only enjoyed within Vong Village, but it had been presented to Vietnamese kings.

The way of making Spring Rice requires a complicated process, so employees have to be very attentive and careful. Each family has their own secret to make spring rice green and sticky when eaten. Today, on special occasions, Hanoians still give each other a pack of green Spring Rice. You will strongly feel the full flavor of this dish when served with a cup of green tea. By tasting like that, you might fully feel this rustic food.

Spring Rice is not only a kind of junk food to generate the memorable childhood of Hanoians, but it is an elegant gift to present to each other to express warm affection and care.

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