State Guest House – HANOI’S HIGHLIGHTS

Bac Bo Phu or State Guest House (on Ngo Quyen Street, Hanoi) is the place where the headquarters of the Tonkin Government was located and it is also a historical monument of Vietnam.

đźš«The other name of Bac Bo Phu in the French colonial empire was “Tonkin Governor Palace”. In 1945, the Japanese Imperial Army made coup d’etat to defeat the French Colonial, so this place was renamed Imperial Commissioner Tonkin Palace. In August 1945, on the day of the uprising in Hanoi, Viet Minh forces along with Hanoians attacked and occupied this building. After the August Revolution, this place was used as the workplace of President Ho Chi Minh and the Provisional Government of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. After the Indochina War (1946), the building was repaired and became the State Guest House.

đźš«In 2005, Bac Bo Phu became a revolutionary historical relic, where the government welcomed delegates and took place many important meetings.

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