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Mystery behind Bún Thang?

💥Bún Thang is a sophisticated dish of well-off families in Hanoi’s Old Quarter. Formerly, the Hanoian women cleverly took advantage of the remaining food from the Lunar New Year. Then they combined and formed Bún thang – a new and economical dish. 💥The reason why Vietnamese call it “Bún Thang” is because the word “Thang” […]

Should try to eat tofu rice vermicelli with fermented shrimp pastewith shrimp sauce (bun dau) or not ?

Bun dau with shrimp sauce is a popular standing dish in the North of Viet Nam, which is really suitable to eat in each season and especially; in the heat of summer, it will be so awesome when trying crispy tofu with vermicelli. 🌵 To make this dish, the innkeeper has to prepare at least 3 […]

The word “Nem” in Vietnamese culinary culture

Referring to Nem, it will probably bring about the phenomenon: “nine people ten comments” because each region has each food with the same name: “Nem”  It is hard to find a “standard” definition for Nem, because Nem in Vietnamese cuisine is a very “vague” noun that can be used to refer to some dishes in […]


🥃Located in the small alley of Hang Tre Street, Hidden Gem makes an impression for visitors by beautiful but unique space. The furniture in the restaurant is nearly 100% created by taking advantage of discarded products, from tires, bottles, old sofa sets, paint buckets or parts of a tractor. 🥃Mr.Nguyen Van Tho, the owner, reveals […]

“Roman Amphitheatre” in the middle of Hanoi capital

🎯 In Hang Dau street, one of the most impressive places is an ancient water tower in the middle of the roundabout, with the history more than a hundred years. That looks like “ Roman Amphitheatre ” in Italy. 🎯This water tower was constructed in 1894, before the Long Bien Bridge and located in the roundabout, […]

Hell Market

🎯On 19th December, 1946 Ho Chi Minh called for national resistance. And thousands of bravery soldiers and Hanoian sacrificed for peace were brought and buried in the common grave here. After 1954, this area was renamed as “Grave of Martyr and People died in National Resistance Day”. In 1981, the city officials excavated and transferred […]


Previously, West Lake was a truncated branch of Red river with the width is less than 560 hectares and it can contain up to 8 million cubic meters of water. Around West Lake are dozens of ancient villages, fields, gardens on the edge of the lake and also dozens of graveyards, to bury the people […]