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Ha Noi Station – an ancient nostalgia

To be a twin of Long Bien Bridge, but only a few people know that Ha Noi Station is also considered as a proof of Hanoi history. Hang Co Station was constructed by French in 1902 and was renamed Ha Noi Station in 1975. In the beginning, it was the largest station in Indochina. Therefore, […]


The Huc bridge is one of the most remarkable beauties in Hanoi, the straight connection to Ngoc Son temple. However, only a few people know that it was evidence of patriotism by burning it to oppose the French enemy. Hanoi capital was defeated in 1882 after that Ngoc Son temple became a living place of […]

Discover the shortest street in Hanoi

Discover the shortest street in Hanoi If you are in Hanoi, you must be familiar with names such as Dinh Tien Hoang Walking Street, Cau Go Street, Phan Dinh Phung Street, … But not everyone knows about Hoan Kiem Lake Street – the shortest in Hanoi. In the minds of most people, the name Ho […]

The Headless Statue of My Chau Princess and the Grown Stone!

Mysterious stories will be shared regularly every Friday evening. Please remember to follow us. Vietnam still has a lot of legends and mysteries that you may not know. Let’s experience these amazing things with Hebs right now !! Located in Co Loa citadel (Dong Anh – Hanoi), in the harem of My Chau’s temple, there […]


?The shelter was figured out under Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel in 2011, by a group of workers were renovating the bar. Until May 21th, 2012, this bunker was officially opened only for guests staying in the hotel to visit. Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel was also placed were two leaders of the US and North Korea […]

The word “Nem” in Vietnamese culinary culture

Referring to Nem, it will probably bring about the phenomenon: “nine people ten comments” because each region has each food with the same name: “Nem”  It is hard to find a “standard” definition for Nem, because Nem in Vietnamese cuisine is a very “vague” noun that can be used to refer to some dishes in […]

“Roman Amphitheatre” in the middle of Hanoi capital

? In Hang Dau street, one of the most impressive places is an ancient water tower in the middle of the roundabout, with the history more than a hundred years. That looks like “ Roman Amphitheatre ” in Italy. ?This water tower was constructed in 1894, before the Long Bien Bridge and located in the roundabout, […]

Hell Market

?On 19th December, 1946 Ho Chi Minh called for national resistance. And thousands of bravery soldiers and Hanoian sacrificed for peace were brought and buried in the common grave here. After 1954, this area was renamed as “Grave of Martyr and People died in National Resistance Day”. In 1981, the city officials excavated and transferred […]