?The Statue of Liberty was designed by a French architect and was donated to America by the French government. At that time, they made two statues: a big size for America and a small size for Viet Nam, which was made by gray bronze. The statue version for America, the 46 meters of height, was officially inaugurated in New York Harbor in 1886. Appearing early in 1887 in Hanoi, the other one with the 2.85 meters of height was relocated several times in the past before standing in the current position- Cua Nam flower garden. At that moment, some locals call it: “Ba Dam Xoe” in the Vietnamese language.

?In 1887, this statue was exhibited in the Dau Xao fair in Ha Noi (now the Cultural Palace Vietnam-Soviet Friendship ). At the end of this fair, the Statue was given to Ha Noi as a gift and was located in the Chi Linh flower garden, opposite to the Indochina bank, which is now Ly Thai To flower garden.

?In 1890, the National Day of French, the French government decided to replace this statue with the Paul Bert statue. Therefore, the following suggestion of a French engineer, the Statue of Liberty has topped the Turtle Tower with its face heading to the Paul Bert statue. During the waiting time to take the stone from the Paul Bert’s hometown, this statue was thrown on the grass, next to the Paul Bert statue. Nowadays, It is really hard to be accepted when putting the Statue of Freedom on the Turtle Tower. There are so many different cut-throat disputations about this, and finally, the Statue of Liberty was located at Cua Nam flower garden.

?In 1945, the governor of Ha Noi- Mr Tran Van Lai- ordered to destroy this statue and most of the statues made by French because he thought that they were remnants of colonialism. However, it didn’t mean that the fate of this statue was destined. Nearly ten years later, in 1952, people in Nga Xa village made statue of Amitabha, but they couldn’t find enough necessary materials to make, so that they bought the whole statue to sculpt a famous bronze statue, which combined Eastern culture with a little bit of Western culture, and located at Ngu Xa pagoda. This story truly implies layers of meaningful fact which open readers’ eyes.

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