Previously, West Lake was a truncated branch of Red river with the width is less than 560 hectares and it can contain up to 8 million cubic meters of water. Around West Lake are dozens of ancient villages, fields, gardens on the edge of the lake and also dozens of graveyards, to bury the people in the village as well as the dead in the villages inside the beach.
During Le dynasty, the history said that all the captured prisoners in Champa battlefield had chances to make a living by reclaiming dense and swamp lands around West Lake. For hundreds of years surviving in here, Champa people created typical villages. According to Mr.Ban who is local says that they lived and died in the bank river, so there may still be thousands of graves. However, the time passed so long, the mud layer filled up, drowning these graveyards down deeply . Along with the cemetery of Champa people, there are dozens of other cemeteries of Vietnamese people formed on the strip of wasteland along the lake. Diving to the bottom of the West Lake, Ho village area, Vong Thi, Thu Sai district in Buoi ward, it is possible to see a huge graveyard in the corner of the lake. The entire West Lake bottom in Buoi Ward is a graveyard. The graveyards formed thousands of years ago were submerged into the mud by large waves.
?In June 2014, according to rumors, there was a very pitiful and confusing accident, which occurred in the area of the graveyard. Back then, Kayak boats were imported into Vietnam which became an attractive sport for the young. Two young people of the same age as 28-year-old Do Duc M. and Nguyen H. rowing out to the area supposedly was ancient graveyards area, suddenly a thunderstorm appeared and capsize their boat, which caused them both drowned. It took a day later, the bodies of two victims were found and brought to shore. The kayak boat of the two victims is a boat with slender shape and is made from a light wood, which was difficult to sink. However, during the search for the victims, the rescue team could not find the body of the boat. Meanwhile, West Lake is not as deep as people think, just under 2m of water only.
That puzzling death caused many assumptions. Those who have lived for a long time in West Lake say that these sudden “storms” are caused by the “sound waves” returning, while those who had accidents in West Lake are those who were pulled down by died people there .
The waves of Ho Tay dragged out dozens of ancient graveyards, flipped the lid of the coffin, exposed white bones, and rolled over the bottom of the lake. Therefore, in the 70s and 80s of the last century, Yen Phu village emerged the movement of precious wood hunting in cemeteries under the West Lake. Most of the young, healthy and well-educated young people in Yen Phu participated in valuable wood exploration. Day by day they dived and groped under the lake, whenever there were planks made of precious wood and risen from the mud surface they would dig for wood immediately. In the past, the forest was still abundant, so usually the rich were buried in golden wooden coffins and cloves. These precious woods are soaked in mud, water for centuries remains solid.
Not only did the residents of West Lake dive for finding the coffin made of good wood and collect small terracottas pieces but also there was a specialized team in diving in the cemetery at the bottom of West Lake. According to rumors, many people still dig up gold jars in coffins. They earned gold rings, silver rings, and gold earrings. However, the most important thing are jars, bowls, and ceramic pots, all of which are antique pieces of several hundred years old. The antiques hunters were not only groping, searching, but also digging up tombs that were submerged underground to get antiques. Many fortified tombs with lime-bile-honey compounds, inside with mummies, buried deep in the mud, were also hunted by peaches.
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