Traditionally, every December 23, every year, families make offerings to see Land Genie and Kitchen God return to heaven. They believed that those Kitchen Gods would fly by carp to the sky to report what has been done or not in the past year of every family and report it to the Jade Emperor. Later, on New Year’s Eve, the Gods returned to earth to continue the work of looking after the family fire.

So many people wonder: Why do the Gods ride carp to heaven, but not other kinds of fish ??
The carp is the only and irreplaceable means of transport to the Gods. Therefore, it is not possible to replace carp with another animal, based on a legend.

It is said that long times ago, water from rain, rivers, sea, and water creatures was first created by God of the sky and was also the origin of everything. Later, because he was busy creating people and things, he stopped raining the wind and gave it to the dragon – a creature in the sky tasked to fly in the air and spray water on the earth to rain. But severely, the number of dragons in the sky was so small that it could not rain evenly everywhere, so God just organized an exam called “dragon contest” to choose the animals on earth that were qualified to become a dragon.

The “dragon competition” consists of three periods, each period must pass a wave, the animal is strong enough, talented enough, can pass all three rounds to qualify dragon.

In one month, almost all aquatic species came to the exam because none of them passed the three waves.
The perch can only jump over one wave and must stop at the second wave.
The shrimp has jumped over twice, intestines, fins, scales, antennae and tail close to the dragon. Unfortunately, in the third wave, he was exhausted and fell back.

Then, a carp came to take part in the contest, this fish was quite special in nature because it contained a precious pearl.

The God of wind saw the strange then flying to see, so the wind, clouds rushing in, thunder and thunder, and the high waves also rose. The carp, which is brought up by the high waves, passes through all three waves easily and then slowly releases the jewel that surpasses Dragon Ball and turns into a dragon.
The image of carp transforming into a dragon becomes a symbol of courage, luck, success, and victory from the above story.
Many historians believe that this is the reason why the carp was chosen as the only animal to bring Kitchen Gods to Heaven.

 The release of carp on this day to give Kitchen Gods a “means” to return to heaven has been a meaningful spiritual culture of Vietnamese people.
So, do you have any plan for this Tet holiday ??

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